Property Management

At RE/MAX GUARDIAN COMMERCIAL, we have many years of experience providing property management responsibilities to our clients. Our dedicated staff and agents can assist you throughout the entire process. We provide a bridge for our clients (LANDLORDS) and tenants to cross when it comes to the day-to-day responsibilities of operating office buildings, warehouse and retail/commercial facilities. When it comes to PROPERTY MANAGEMENT think RE/MAX GUARDIAN COMMERCIAL as your full service property managment provider.

There are two very important responsibilities associated with property management in which we go above and beyond to ensure you the landlord that your real estate investment is looking their best:
1)      Property Management Responsibilities:
Accounting and reporting, law, leasing, maintenance and repair, paying taxes, provision of utilities and insurance, remodeling, rent rate settings, collections and advertising vacancies.
2)      Investment Management Responsibilities:
Acquisition and disposition, development, facility improvements and long term planning
RE/MAX GUARDIAN COMMERCIAL has extensive knowledge and experience giving us the competitive advantage when it comes to all of your property management needs.

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