Saskatchewan Market

Saskatoon is located in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and is located 2 ½ hours from Regina the province's capital. Saskatoon is considered “ THE HUB ” of activities for many economic sectors. Our growing natural resources, research and development facilities, manufacturing, processing and agriculture gives Saskatoon an advantage versus many other northern cities throughout the prairies. The University of Saskatchewan (Located in Saskatoon) is the largest University in the province and is credited in providing our city and province the future in today workforce. Saskatoon is well respected throughout the country as being one of the most diversified economies in Canada, the latest economic forecast continues to see Saskatchewan as the strongest Economy in 2010 and with unlimited future growth.

Over the past 3 years Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan has been experiencing an economic boom. In 2008 Saskatchewan was the leader in the nation in almost every area and category including Real Estate Development, Agriculture, Ethanol, Potash, Uranium and Oil production.
The Saskatoon Market Continues to grow economically. Saskatoon has been experiencing a major growth in population by a respectful 2.6% annually. Even with the increase in the employment statistics, 2009 data shows that there still is a shortage of workers to fill the current positions that are available.
Saskatoon is home to many federal and provincial government offices. We have the Canadian head offices of Cameco, Areva, two of the world’s largest suppliers of Uranium. The Potash Corporation the world’s largest producer of potash. Even as the global markets continue to experience an economic slow- down, Saskatchewan and the city of Saskatoon have the right fundamentals in place for continued growth for our future.