Murray Balkwill

Murray has lived in Saskatchewan his whole life but have travelled extensively throughout western Canada during his 22 years with CP Rail, as a project manager in construction and maintenance. After opting for a severence/pension package, he started a new path in life, attending Siast Wascana Campus for carpentry and started his own construction company. Property maintenance became the direction that his work took him and he has since completed his Fireman's and 5th class Power Engineering courses to complement his construction and carpentry experience.

Murray's interests are many and varied, including hunting, fishing, and farming. He's an avid sports fan including football, hockey, golf, and boxing. His biggest challenge is just finding the time to do all the things in life that show up. He has 4 great children and 9 grand children in his combined family with his significant other, Laurie, who has been his partner in life for the last 8 years.